3 EASY steps to get healthy, radiant skin.


how’s everybody doing? ♥

I get a lot of questions about my skin care routine from people who struggle with acne, dark spots, or ones who just don’t know how to work a skin care routine into their lives. And let me tell you, if this sounds like you. You are in the right place! I have struggled for many many years to keep my skin balanced, full, and bright.

You probably think this is going to be a blog post full of products that cost a pretty penny but if you know me, you know that is not how I roll.

So with a further ado, let’s get into my skin care routine.

Starting off, I wanted to share my skin type which is on the normal to dry side of the spectrum. If you aren’t sure what skin type you have, I personally used this test from Nivea to determine my own.

The link above has some tips and tricks to keeping your skin clear and radiant.

With that being said, let me break it down into 3 EASY steps for ya.

First things first:

  1. CLEANSE – taking the day off with a nice cleanser is SO important when it comes to the health of your skin. You don’t want any left over bacteria from your makeup or just removing access dirt and oil.

So to do this I use:

  •  Feel Renewed Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser – this is a two in one deep skin treatment and a gentle exfoliator so you can cross exfoliation off your list of skin to do’s. I love this cleanser because it leaves my skin feeling soft and leaves it glowing to the Gods. The other thing that is extremely likeable about this product is the smell. I swear I have never smelt something so magical – its like a mixture of cinnamon, pumpkin, and Jesus. And the best part is IT’S VEGAN!This cleanser runs for $28, which is honestly even a bit much for me but SO worth it. Use the imbedded link above to check it out!

The next step is to.. drum roll please..

2. TONE – this is so so so important because toning your face really makes sure you get rid of any access oil or dirt still left over even after you cleanse your face. But more importantly, a good toner will help you soothe, nourish, and hydrate your skin while restoring it’s natural pH balance. I also find toner to help mantain my complexion, which is huge when it comes to the look of beautiful, radiant skin.

So to tone I use:

  • Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner – after countless encounters with different toners ranging from $5-$50, this has by far been the best option for my skin type. Witch Hazel is one of the best ingredients to fight acne or small breakouts. It helps by reducing inflammation, killing bacteria, and getting rid of redness. It is very common for some toner’s to dry out the skin, but any toner with witch hazel as the main ingredient will nourish and moisturize the skin.  51201604This toner ranges in price depending on which convience store you buy it from. I found the cheapest is from Target (linked above) and it runs for $4.69. You cannot beat the quality of this product or the price. Oh, and IT’S VEGAN. Check it out!

Sometimes when I scrunge up some extra cash I do like to splurge and buy myself a spray toner. When I do this my favorite product is the Lush Breath of Fresh Air soothing sea water spray. This product is made up of goodie ingredients like; sea water, aloe vera gel, and rose. I LOVE IT. Oh, and IT’S VEGAN. All I do wtih this is spritz 3-5 pumps on face and let it soak in (it says you should wipe off the access but why waste product right??). IMG_0423

This toner water cools, hydrates stressed out skin. And let me tell you, it is actually the best thing EVER. I’m not sure if it’s the essential oils that are also placed in this God- sent potion but, I feel as if it uplifts my spirit once I spritz it on my face. Like not only doe sit calm stressed out skin but it calms my stressed soul. Works complete wonders. And the best part is, IT’S ONLY $10.95. Like just skip your weekly Chipotle run and purchase something that you actually benefit from (trust me, it makes me sad when i have to skip a Chipotle run). But it’s a beautiful thing so check it out (linked above).

3. MOISTURIZE – this is so important so READ CAREFULLY – No matter what skin type you have, dry to incredibly oily, ALWAYS moisturize your skin. It is important to do this because moisturizer often acts as a protective barrier for your skin that will keep out unwanted dirts and bacteria. If you are not moisturizing and your skin is too dry or too oily, the end result is likely to be breakouts. Although, when looking for a moisturizer you should depict your purchase on your skin type. For instance, if you tend to have dry skin, you should look for a cream moisturizer as those usually have higher oil content. And if you typically have oily skin, you should look for a lotion rather than a cream.

The moisturizer I find to work best for me is:

  • Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion – this lotion is specifically crafted for normal to dry skin so I think that has to do with the effectiveness it has on my skin. The main ingredients for this product is moroccan argan oil and rose water, which I have had great luck with. Although, this product says it is a lotion it actually comes in cream form which like I said above, is great for normal to dry skin! I find that this moisturizer is in deed very lightweight, but keeps me moisturized throughout the entire day. My favorite thing about it is how it leaves my skin feeling and looking. I GLOW TO THE GOD’S with this! And glowing is something I very much enjoy. Oh, and IT’S VEGAN!15842694.jpeg

This product runs for $17.99 at Target (linked above) which is another great perk about this moisturizer.

If you follow these 3 simple steps, your skin should be up and glowing in no time. I know it’s hard to start a brand new routine, so if you haven’t already squeezed a skin care regime into your busy life here are a few tips on how:

  1. Wake up! – cleanse, tone, moisturize
  2. Tired? – cleanse, tone, moisturize
  3. 1..2..3.. – stick to minimum products
  4. Future goddess? – think about the benefits of a skin care routine
  5. Consistence is key – be consistent with your skin care routine, dont forget!

Let me know how any of these products work for you guys in the comments and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!



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