Pride: My Experience

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Yesterday was a really eventful, yet exhausting day as I went to check out the Pride Parade in Chicago.

Let me tell you, the LGBT community knows how to party!

I have never experienced anything so crazy and intense in my entire life. It was amazing to see so many people in unison to support and love one another. There was such an empowering force in seeing the fight for equality with my own eyes. The passion these people have towards their movement is so motivating and it really opened my mind to the fact that inequality really is a HUGE issue in this country and all across the globe.

The crowd I was amongst was full of nothing but beautiful, loving souls with such amazing stories. It’s really hard to write about an experience like this because as I’m referring to the ones I was surrounded by as “these people,” I really mean “my brothers and sisters” because I don’t see these people as a specific group, I see them as teammates in the game of life. We are one, we are alike but different and there is nothing wrong with that. I love these people. I love their passion, their heartache, their faces, their jokes, their attitude, and their lives.

I was raised to love and support people of ALL backgrounds. Whether you’re gay, straight, black, muslim, christian, atheist; it’s important to love ALL. And it feels SO good to love endlessly.

So, with all the meaningful stuff being said. Let’s get down to it.

My friend Allie and I got ready early in the morning on Sunday and decided to make a road trip up to Chicago around 11ish. This way we figured traffic wouldn’t be terrible and it would be the perfect timing to arrive.. blah blah blah. Long story short we get almost to downtown Chicago and BOOM.. Traffic!

45 minutes after sitting in a wave of slow moving, bumper to bumper traffic, we finally made it to Wrigleyville where we parked our car right next to the stadium! This was really awesome because I had never seen or been to Wrigleyville before.

39003747-A6BF-4034-9D27-2C18350F19DD 2.JPG

At first we were a little scared because we seriously saw absolutely no one wearing any sort of Pride attire so we were like crap.. either we went all out or the parade isn’t today. But as we started our not so terrible journey to Halsted and Addison, the rainbow attire and love filling atmosphere grew thicker and thicker.

We finally got to the corner of those two streets and WOW! Were they bumpin’… it was jam packed with head to heart, and head to toe rainbow. I saw wigs, glitter, boobs, butts, mohawks.. you name it. I saw QUEENS. And this was my all time favorite part of my day. All the drag queens showed OUT (like they always do).

With about an hour of walking around and exploring our surroundings, we decided to go ahead and try to find a friend.. WHICH WE FOUND… in an alley ahaha.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Bradley, I love you!

But anyways.. lets talk about this FIT. 
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
I had actually 3 days to get this outfit in order and I think it turned out pretty FINE.. And yes.. I did sweat my ass off but fashion or die!! am I right??

Let me break it down for ya.

Sweater – Pretty Little thing : $28

Pants – Old Navy : $29.99mid-rise-tencel-174-utility-cropped-pants-for-women-chambray-blue.jpg







Earrings –Five Below Similar: here – $19

I didn’t get a close up picture of the star freckles I put on my face but to kind of show what it looked like, I will put a picture down below. thumb-carnaval-17-1600x1028.jpg





Stars – Hobby Lobby : $1.99
For the stars, I got different sizes and colors and applied them with some cheap lash glue I got at Walgreens.

You can apply these however you want, my only tip to make it look like freckles is to actually apply them according to how your freckles look (if you have any). If not, apply some stars close to eachother, apply them uneven, and make sure not all of them are the same size.

For some extra pizazz I added some of my colorful Pura Vida Bracelets (which btw use the code DevynMiller20 at checkout and get 20% off).

Overall, I would totally reccomend everyone to go to Pride even if it’s one time in their life. This is such a great time to let loose and really show your true colors. It’s great to meet other people and hear their stories, and just really immerse yourself into the LGBT community.

All of this was definetly out of my comfort zone at first but underneath all of the partying, it was such a great learning experience.

I love the LGBT community and I will always support and back their fight for equality.

Let me know about any of your Pride experiences or just email me and lets chat ♥



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