Travel Tips for the broke.


What’s up guys!

It’s been a hot minute since i’ve created a blog post, and thats just simply because life wisps you up in it’s whirlwind.

A quick overview of what i’ve been up to for the past few months… well.. WORK… werk..werk..werk.. I’ve been drowning in work. While all trying to balance a social life, school, travel, mental stability… hahaha well you know how it goes. 

I recently transferred colleges, and I now attend Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana.. my hometown. Go Irish!

Life’s been so crazy but thats what makes in worth living!

And speaking of something else crazy.. I am FINALLY getting back to California next month with my bestfriend/cousin/personal photographer, Kaelyn. 

Were gonna hit up San Diego and stay on the lovely Pacific Beach. From there we’re probably gonna go to La Jolla, and possibly Laguna. It’s going to be GREAT. 

Now finally, the reason you’re even here…

How the hell do you travel for cheap?

Lets just start by assuming you’re going to fly to your destination. 

The app/database I use for booking flights is Momondo. Momondo is a “metasearch engine” who loads the cheapest flights available onto your screen and has a register of SO many worldwide destinations. A metasearch engine takes results from many other different websites and makes it easily accesible to you on one search engine. Momondo compares prices of billions of flights, and searches across more than 30 international markets.

There are similar engines like Momondo, but in my opinion, Momondo always offers the best/cheapest flight options than any other site.

For example, I booked a flight with Momondo to California next month for $180 total.. So basically $90 there an back!

That’s insane.

Compared to airline prices like United for example, they are charging $339 and $651 for American Airlines just one way.. before baggage fees and etc.  

Ridiculous, I know. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. 

Another feature I like about Momondo is that they have something called a price calendar/price predictor that shows you if the prices of plane tickets will go up or down in the near future and that really helped me plan for the best time to purchase my ticket. 

Momondo also has a map that shows you all the different places you can travel within your price range which I think is awesome because a lot of the prices to go across the world range from $300-$800 in off seasons which is CRAZY cheap!


Nayarit, Mexico

I could preach about how much I love Momondo all day but because I dont have that amount of time, were gonna move into places to stay!

Hands down, the best site to use when booking a place to stay is AirBnB (I could also preach about this one for days too). AirBnB has seriously saved me hundreds of dollars when planning trips or weekend getaways. 

Hotel prices can most of the time be super duper expensive.. and we dont like that. 

BnB’s give you everything a hotel could and more (most likely more). For my current trip to California I booked an apartment on Pacific Beach for only $60 per night split between two of us. Any hotel around that area would have charged $200+ per night and limited you to a small room with a small bathroom and most likely no great amenities. 

But that isn’t the case with BnB’s.. 

BnB’s could have private pools, saunas, they can be penthouses, castles, igloos, you name it. There are so many options and depending on the price you can pay, you could have it all. 

AirBnB gives options to rent out private rooms in houses/apartments which usually come out cheaper. This may seem weird but when you are on a budget and just want to get away, you do what you can! That, and most of the owners are super friendly and dont actually bother you at all. 

AirBnB also has the function where you can see what countries/cities/or states you can go to in your price range. 

Another awesome thing they provide is experiences. You can literally type in the city in which you are travelling to and find what kind of activities/adventures you can partake in while you are visiting. I have yet to use this function but I plan to on my next trip! Best thing is, you can book it right on the website. 

But overall, my favorite thing about BnB’s is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture by living amongst locals while doing it for a good price. 

So definitely check out AirBnB next time you travel. 


Clingmans Dome, Tenessee 

A few more tips I have are simple things like:

Travel in groups 

  • typically when you travel in groups you can reduce the cost by splitting amongst eachother.

Go grocery shopping

  • save money on food by grocery shopping when you get there.

Be a local

  • immerse yourself in the culture of the locals and you’ll forsure find cheaper ways to enjoy yourselves at your destination. Touristy activites will most of the time be pricey so do it like the locals do. 

I hope this helped you a bit when trying to fine the cheapest alternatives while planning your next geatway!

Leave me a comment on places you suggest I should go or other ways you find it easy to travel cheap. 


Travel on.


-Devyn ♥

~P.S. I’m listening to a great song as I’m typing this. Its called Moving Forward by Colony House. Give it a listen. It’s super inspiring~

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