4 Things you MUST do in San Diego

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Hey everyone!

If you’re following my social media, then you know I took a quick trip out to SoCal last week. If you haven’t seen the content from this trip follow my Instagram: devyn.p.miller ✨

But anyways. WOW. Was that a trip. This go around my cousin and I actually planned and booked the plane ticket and Airbnb a few months before rather than two weeks before! #adulting

We did so many things and saw so many places. San Diego is such a beautiful place, with amazing and incredibly talented people. And it wasn’t too difficult to cover with only being their for 5 days. I’m going to fill you guys in on what we did as well as show you some places you MUST go to. ⭐️

1. Go to Pacific/Mission Beach 🏖

Pacific Beach is a beautiful place with awesome shops, food, and night life (all of our Uber drivers told us that PB is great if you like to drink). And if you want the same thing except a bit of a bigger beach with amusement’s head on down the boardwalk to Mission Beach.

My cousin and I rented an Airbnb a few blocks from Pacific beach for a really good price. We stayed in a small room with a small kitchenette and a small bathroom/shower. We roughed it a little but this place was SO incredible and decorated so cute so in the end it turned out fine. We felt like true locals staying here.

Cute setup in our Airbnb.

Since we stayed a few blocks from Pacific Beach we had a bit of a walk down to the shore, but thankfully San Diego has an electric scooter service called Bird or LimeScooter and let me tell you.. This was the best part. We “caught birds” every single day and the good thing about it, is it’s not too expensive either! I definetly reccommend using this form of transportation service when you visit!

Some of our favorite spots of Pacific/Mission Beach were:

  • Woody’s Breakfast and Burgers – Woody’s is a great place to grab breakfast before you hit the beach, because it is quite literally on the beach! Not to mention their food is SO good and the coffee is even better. You have the option of sitting down by the boardwalk or sitting up on the deck to get an even better view of the ocean.

Located on Pacific Beach

  • The Mission @ Mission Beach – The Mission is just a little breakfast place located in Mission beach about a block up from the water, but let me tell you, they have the BEST french toast and pancakes and breakfast I have EVER had. Definetly work this one into your itinerary!
  •  The Baked Bear – there are a few locations for the Baked Bear, but we went to the one on Pacific Beach and ugh.. it’s only my favorite dessert place ever. Here you can get a huge scoop of ice cream (the type is your choice) put between two warmed up cookies (the type is your choice). We obviously had to hit this place up more than once because.. damn. It’s just that good.
baked bear

The Baked Bear – Pacific Beach

  • Trendy and Tipsy – if you’re looking for an ADORABLE clothing boutique, hit up Trendy and Tipsy. They have such cute styles that are definetly made for California girls! I have followed this store on Instagram for quite some time now and being able to go there was definetly super cool! Check out their website here.
trendy and tipsy.jpg

Trendy and Tipsy – Pacific Beach

2. La Jolla, California 🌊

La Jolla may be one of the coolest places I have ever been. There is so much to see and do while you’re visting and I’m going to share some of my favorites.

la jjolla 1.JPG

  • La Jolla Cove – this is a sight to see! Do not pass up the opportunity to go to La Jolla Cove because if you do, you will regret it the rest of your life. This destination is such a cool form of where land meets ocean. The coast of La Jolla is basically a huge cliff that goes directly down to the water. Because of the rocky formations, there are a countless number of caves and cool things to see. La Jolla Cove is really famous for this.
cave .JPG

Gateway to the ocean.

One thing I have done in La Jolla a few years back is actually go kayaking in the sea caves, which was INCREDIBLE and also learned a lot about La Jolla as a city and it’s enivronment. Fun Fact: Dr. Suess’ house hangs off a cliff in La Jolla.

la jolla 1.jpg

la jolla 2

La Jolla Cove is one of the most popular spots in La jolla but here is a list of other places you need to hit up when you’re there:

  • Bobboi Natural Gelato – this place is the bomb and the gelato was to die for!
  • Pura Vida Bracelets – YES. You saw it. Pura Vida’s store is in La Jolla. Get yourself a cute pack of bracelets and oh dont forget to use my dicount code “DevynMiller20”
  • Gracie James – this store was FULL of amazing things. From cut clothes, shoes, decor, to gifts, this store utilized every inch of it’s space to fill it with goodies!
gracie james.JPG

Gracie James – La Jolla

  • Secret Swings – this one I was not able to get to because of time but if you ever end up in La Jolla definetly go on the adventure to find these swings that overlook La Jolla and the ocean!
  • Puesto Mexican Artisian Kitchen & Bar – okay.. my mouth is watering. This place had the BEST tacos I have ever had in my entire life. While it is a bit pricey, it is SO worth it.
  • Jose’s Court Room – this is a place I went to about two years ago, and yes it is of course Mexican food but hey if San Diego is quite literally 20 minutes from Mexico, i’m gonna take the opportunity to get real good authentic Mexican food. But anyways, this place has real good food!
  • Kelsey Brookes Mural – go here for a quick photo- op!

Kelsey Brookes Mural – La Jolla

While there are so many other things to do in La Jolla, those are some of the things we did and places we went to that I thought some of you might like. Here’s a few more pictures I got while being in La Jolla:

la jolla 3.JPG

la jolla 5.JPG


3. North Park/ Balboa Park🌵

Next we were off to North Park which is a bit further from the water and closer to downtown San Diego! While we didn’t spend as much time in North Park as we hoped, we did get to go to the spots we wanted to hit!

  • Pigment – i’m not kidding when I say this was the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, awesome, store I have ever been too. I was super excited about this one as my friend @nataliebrekka was telling me about it when I asked her about things to see in San Diego! This place is meant for a photo-op and actually has an area set up just for it’s customers to do exactly that.

Pigment – North Park

  • Communal Coffee – just a few blocks from pigment is Communal Coffee, which is basically your typical coffee shop. BUT they have a cute little sitting area right next to a garden which is SUPER cute. They also have a siiting area where a lot of photo ops take place. I didnt get the chance to get a photo there because I didn’t want to bother those enjoying their mid-day coffee. But, besides the photo-ops, this places coffee is the freaking bomb diggity. I got a apple cider matcha something and BOY IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Usually I freak out when my drinks are green in color.. because ya know.. ugh.. healthy.. but let me just say. This stuff was the bomb diggity.
communal coffee.jpg

Communal Coffee – North Park

4. Balboa Park

Balboa park is more of a touristy san diego attraction becauses it consists of things like the san diego zoo, and most of san diegos awesome musuems. We decided to skip over these attractions and just take a tour of the park. Instead, we discovered things like the California Tower, Spanish Village art center, and alot of the gardens. Over by the botanical building and lily pond you can see some awesome street performers! I’m obbsessed with music so this was a big one for me ahahha. But otherwise, dont miss the different gardens like, the desert garden, or cactus garden! Those are so cool and perfect for a photo-op!

balboa 2

California Tower – Balboa Park

balboa 1.JPG

Balboa Park

balboa 3.jpg

Botanical Building & Lily Pond – Balboa Park

While we stopped by a few other places on our quick trip out to SoCal, I thought these were the most worthy of making the blog! I love San Diego and the outskirts like Oceanside/Carlsbad/Encinitas. These places are very high up on my favorites list just because you automatically feel at home when you go here. The people are incredible, the places are super unique, and the things you see are truly inspiring. Maybe for some this description is not what would make a place feel like home, but for me, going to places like this is home. Meeting new people, seeing new things, being out of your comfort zone, that’s all things that really make me feel most purposeful in life and that’s exactly why I love to travel. For me, California is not across the world but still being in an absolute different environment and atmosphere with people who live their day to day lives sooo differently than midwesterners is a true experience.

Go to San Diego once in your life, venture outside to Carlsbad. Go to Tijuana (still on the bucketlist) . You wont regret it. I hope this was a bit helpful to you and if you do have any questions whatsoever, please shoot me an email or comment! I really love to talk with you guys and I would love to know a place you travel to get away from reality.


Devyn ♥




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